Summer Planning

Summer plans are coming along. Here’s what you should know so far.

June Squad Training and Other Opportunities

Most of our squad training this summer will take place in San Francisco, with the Wilmot box trailer heading from Miami to San Francisco mid March (if you need a spot in the trailer there are two left but you need to contact Lucy NOW!), and some early training taking place at the end of April, and end of May. Most teams will start gearing up in early June, as school gets out, with the first training camp taking place from June 1st-5th. The full calendar at this stage can be viewed here.

In the second half of June the squad will continue to train out of San Francisco, while top teams head to the final regatta of the “Spring” circuit in Kiel, Germany. US Sailing’s OD Program will also be organizing a training camp in conjunction with Oakcliff for those interested in getting coaching support in New York, roughly June 10-21. There’s a chance that I’ll be involved there, but that is not confirmed, and for teams interested in attending the Oakcliff OD Program training, you should contact Leandro or Meredith Carroll directly to get details.

July Nationals in San Francisco

The full San Francisco schedule will continue July 2nd-29th, likely out of RYC on the Berkeley Circle. Nationals will be sometime in the first two weeks - dates are being confirmed as I type - and we should know more about this in the next week or two. The training philosophy during July will feature consistent coaching with self-driven days in between. I want to give everyone lots of coaching, feedback, and instruction, but then have you take that information to the next level by applying it without a coach. This will be key to owning these techniques, incorporating them into your arsenal, and making them your own.

August Regattas

August will be all about applying your skills in race course settings. I will be headed to Japan with the top few teams to gear up for the Sailing World Cup Enoshima (an of course the Olympics!). For the rest of the squad, the plan will be to strike camp in San Francisco and head to Kingston, Canada for the Canadian Nationals, and the CORK Regatta. We almost have plans confirmed for the CORK coaching program, so stay tuned for details on that.


My goal is to keep costs down as much as possible throughout the summer, as the food, travel, maintenance, etc. adds up quickly. For your preliminary budgeting estimations is $10,000 for coaching and logistical support is conservative I believe, but does not include travel costs, food, boat costs, housing, or other campaign costs that you might incur. As details get solidified more, teams firm up, and we start to get logistics sorted, I’ll work on coordinating housing options, transportation for things like sending boats to CORK, etc. This will come into focus more and I’ll be able to give a more concrete number in the next month or so.