Waiting Game

When the AP flag goes up, the waiting game begins; which teams team can stay relaxed, stay hydrated, and retain the ability to switch back into race mode when the flag drops?  Yesterday we spent the day sitting around the couches upstairs at the sailing club, playing cards, putting together our "fantasy sailing teams" for next year's 29er teams, and waiting for the wind.  At one point the breeze looked promising and the RC sent the fleet out, but it quickly faded, and shortly after, racing was cancelled for the day.

We're back in the café upstairs at the club this morning, waiting for wind on the first day of the final series, and while the bay looks glassy at the moment, the forecast is calling for late breeze, so we're staying sharp, and waiting for the next update from the race committee.

With the scoreboard basically back to square one, there's everything to play for today, so wish the team luck!