Build A Pearl

Every detail around the race course is a grain of sand, refined over and over and over again, adding to a big beautiful pearl. Many teams want to jump straight into the fray, racing, showing what they’ve put together before it’s ready. They hope that extra race course reps will be enough to put them over the edge in the long run. But the truth of the matter is that speed kills. Boat handling is the foundation. Without relentless focus on the details, the top teams will always just be playing a different game. So dig in, and focus on refining each grain. When you think you’re nearly there, find new ways to think about old topics. Keep it fresh and exciting, but stay focused on the details. If you find yourself wondering what the top teams have that you don’t, don’t over think it - they’ve just put more time in, focusing on the details that most of the fleet isn’t willing to. Build your pearl away from the world, looking hours by yourself, and be confident that when it’s ready, it will be ready to shine!