Recently I started posting a 15 second "Technique Tuesday" clip on the McBrideWilsonSailing Instagram every Tuesday with a description of what to look for for that specific segment of a maneuver.  I started with some of the most common mistakes that I see when coaching, so be sure to check the last few Technique Tuesday posts including:

Side Force Kite Float
Spinnaker Set
Tack Handwork and Footwork

StFYC Wipeout Comp

As seen on

Ahead of the US Sailing ODP Camp at StFYC, Will Ricketson, the man behind the camera at US Sailing, asked me if I would have a chance to put together a video like I did for the All Girls clinic.  Anticipating big conditions, I told him that I'd see what I could get without dousing any of my non-waterproof cameras.  While the forecast held true all week, and I was never able to upgrade from my little waterproof hand cam, there was definitely some solid action!

US Sailing Olympic Development Program All Girls Skiff Clinic

At the beginning of May we organized and coached the first US Sailing Olympic Development Program All Girls Skiff Clinic along with 2012 Olympian, Molly Vandemoer. From May 1-3 twelve girls from around Southern California gathered in Coronado with Molly and Willie for a fast-track introduction to the 29er.

If you are interested in setting up a similar event in your area, please let us know!