Teach Process Through Tech

Technology is becoming part of the modern coach's tool box to empower faster and more effective learning than ever before. This talk will be part of a presenter series on "Creating Your Coaching Portfolio," with Jane Millman, Matt Thompson, John Pearce and Willie McBride.

Presentation Content:

How To Track Your Hours

Teach Process Through Tech Presentation

"Offensive" article by Kevin Hall

NSPS Apparent Wind Quiz

Call To Action:

  • Focus on teaching process
  • Evaluate mastery rather than results
  • Eliminate the mysticism of sailing using technology

Social Media and the FOMO Effect

Story telling is a major part of sailing, with far reaching implications ranging from personal development of sailors to the health and direction of the sport as a whole.  Willie McBride discusses stories about sailing, and how to craft the stories about your organization to create better sailors and healthier programs.

Presentation Content:

Social Media and Story of Sailing Presentation

Goal Setting Exercise

Samma YouTube Channel

SBYSF Parent-Sailor Handbook

Call to Action:

  • Think about the stories that your organization is telling
  • Align them with core values of your program
  • Make good art!

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