While Willie is hot on the campaign trail to the 2020 Olympics, Kim and Willie are gearing up for the next big adventure…

There’s lots of beautiful sailing content out there, and some well-watched instructional videos on sailing, but very few professional sailors in the content business, and no productions that combine high quality content, professional sailors, and top level instruction. We aim to change that.

Get involved now: We’ll be ramping this project up as we head into the Olympics in 2020, after which we’ll set sail full time. In the meantime, we’re looking to partner with Yacht Companies that are keen for some high quality content production in return for time aboard a variety of Cats while we’re shopping around.

The Best Sailors: Names like Dave Ullman (Ullman Sails, America’s Cup, etc.), the McKee Brothers (Amerca’s cup winners and Olympic Medalists), Anna Tunnacliffe (2008 Gold Medalist in the Laser), Caleb Paine (most recent US Olympic Medalist) and more.

Incredible Yachts: Instructional footage from foiling cats, Pac 52s, and your performance cruising cats. Willie and Kim will live aboard after the 2020 Olympics

Top Tier Content: Multi platform content for you, created and shared by us