Looking to up your game on Wednesday nights?  Whether you're looking for a shift in your overall program, or just an expert eye to help establish the correct process in a difficult maneuver, we can help.

Let us build a training program for you, specially tailored to your boat and your team.

Top performance requires two major components: a great understanding of what perfect performance looks like, and the ability to reproduce techniques consistently.  We'll help you to develop a greater potential for success, by building a better understanding of each maneuver, and giving you the tools to consistently execute under pressure.

Day 1 - Evaluation: We'll join your team for a practice session or a race to get an idea of where you stand, and to start building a plan for improvement.  This information will be used to set up a practice plan, and a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) chart, which will help you stay focused on the right things, and track your improvement.

Day 2 - Technique Evaluation: After setting up the practice plan, we'll head out with you to really dig in to some of the techniques and maneuvers to help critique, and develop skills to raise your potential.

Monthly Check In:  With a monthly check in we'll make sure that you're keeping the learning curve steep, we'll make suggestions, evaluate techniques, and revise the practice plan for the next month.

To set up a monthly training program, please complete the form at the bottom of this page.

Hire an expert for the day

Don't want to commit to a training program, but want to hire a coach for the evening, or a pro sailor for the afternoon?  Complete the form below to set something up.

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